One Thread at a Time II; woven work by Debbie Barrett-Jones
One Thread at a Time II; woven work by Debbie Barrett-Jones
One Thread at a Time II; woven work by Debbie Barrett-Jones

March 1 - April 27, 2019

Opening First Friday April 5, 2019 | 6pm-9pm

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Artist Statement

I am a weaver; which means I get to see and be apart of the transformation of a white cone of yarn into a colorful, delicate piece of fabric. Harmony is the key element in my artwork and can be defined as the pleasing arrangements of parts that bring an inner sense of order. One thread at a time, at my loom, these pleasing arrangements of parts are brought out in a gradation of color, pattern, spacing, scale, and composition. The process of weaving completely fascinates me from the beginning to completion and being able to control the whole process of weaving is extremely important in my work. From the start of a project with drawing out the plans and drafting the pattern and scale, to dyeing all my yarn using a gradation percentage process.

When I begin to weave I am aware that the space between each thread shot is just as important as the line the thread makes itself. And when it is time for the installation, taking time and consideration of the space around the woven panel is just as important as the piece itself. All these elements within the process are equally essential in creating stimulating and calming art. The goal in creating my art is to be able to give my viewer the opportunity to have time to slow down and breath, being stimulated by visual art that is pleasing to the eye and peaceful to the mind.


Textiles artist, Debbie Barrett-Jones left her small town in Iowa so she could pursue an education at the Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) and since graduation, has exhibited her work throughout the United States, including the Kansas City area locations, such as; Children’s Mercy Hospital in North Kansas City, Truman Medical Center, Community Christian Church, Lead Bank in the Crossroads and recently Gallerie Apartment. Careful consideration goes into color, composition, and material in each of her weavings. Her work reveals the beautiful communication that is the result of one color thread intersecting another. Her panels are comprised of vibrating colors and elegant patterns which create a narrative in flux according to the viewer’s proximity to each piece. Along with weaving large-scale pieces for public and private spaces, she also creates intimate accessories such as scarves, shawls, and necklaces. Sitting at her loom and weaving has become Debbie’s safe place, her sanctuary. Thread by thread, beat by beat of the weaving loom while creating a piece of fabric, provides a meditative experience, which allows her to step away from everyday worries and fears. In the same way, she hopes her artwork inspires peace, hope, and contemplation, serving as a beautiful distraction during our busy and chaotic lives. The next step of Barrett-Jones’ studio investigation has the artist digitally recontextualizing her woven objects on paper on metal. Her digital prints of original weaving on aluminum metal were seen at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art Woman to Watch (Metals) June-January 2018 and in a recent commission located at the In 2018 Woven Repeat was launched, which is a new line of home decor, wallpaper, fabric and upholstery, Accessories, Activewear and more using original woven designs by Debbie Barrett-Jones.

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