Shades of Neutrals with Green and Dark Gray Sheer


Shades of Neutrals with Green and Dark Gray Sheer


Title:  Shades of Neutrals with Green and Dark Gray Sheer

Size:  23” wide x 71” long

Medium:  Hand-dyed, hand-woven

Materials: tencel

Year: 2007

Cost: $700

I am a weaver, which means I get to see and be a part of the transformation of a white cone of yarn into a colorful delicate piece of fabric. My mission is to create artwork that helps inspire hope, harmony and healing one thread at a time.

I created this with more than 45 hand-dyed shades of neutrals colored 10/2 tencel on a 16 harness weaving loom. I used the same colors to weave with in a loose twill pattern.

With installing this, I first measure 2 " from the wall to hang any of my panels. I believe it is best for the woven panels to have some breathing room and not be hung straight up on the wall like a painting.

There is a 2" sleeve at the top and bottom of each panel where a 1/4" round metal rod is placed. The panel is then hung from the ceiling using screw hooks and small monofilament fishing line strung through the top of each panel two inches from both ends. The monofilament is strung through the panel and under the metal rod. It is best to have two separate pieces of monofilament each attached to its own hook instead of one piece of monofilament and or one hook. This creates an unbalanced teeter-totter effect.

The metal rod placed through the sleeve at the bottom gives the woven panel some tension. After installing it is best to steam iron if you see any wrinkles.

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